Mick & Jimi, Top of the Pops, 1967 by Alec Byrne


Alec recalls: "What happened was, I would go around to the BBC studios and shoot bands who were performing on the Top of the Pops TV show. I was on retainer at New Musical Express, the big music magazine at the time. I heard Hendrix was performing so I made sure I was there. This was May of ’67 which I remember because it was the day after my 18th birthday. Hendrix and his band, Redding and Mitchell, were rehearsing and I was taking photos. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a guy standing and watching next to the TV camera but it was hard to see. All the lights are on the stage in a studio like that, it’s dark everywhere else. But then I worked out - hey it’s Jagger! And he was just there to watch…checking out the competition I think. Once the rehearsal was done, Hendrix came down off the stage and Jagger went over to talk to him and I just went for it. 'Hey guys, how about a photo?' I got them to move closer together, shoulder to shoulder and they were probably thinking 'Who is this kid?' Anyway, just one frame. I got the photo. I’m pretty certain it was the first time they’d ever met. We’ve looked and haven’t been able to find an older photo of them together.”

Silver gelatin darkroom print produced for Alec’s London book launch
Signed (front) artist proof from a limited edition of 15
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