Mick Jagger, Marquee Sound Check #1 by Alec Byrne


A rare, quiet moment for the consummate showman, this portrait of Jagger is another shot from the sound check prior to the Stones’ legendary Marquee show in ‘71. Alec recalls: “I’d photographed them in big theaters and at the famous Hyde Park concert, of course, but I’d never been this close, just a few feet from Jagger (not counting that time in the bed…a story for another time - you can find it in the book). I literally felt the sweat coming off him that night. The lighting was difficult—the club was really dark—and I remember thinking, ‘I hope these pictures come out.’ But there was no time to waste worrying. I had to catch the action then and there.”

Silver gelatin darkroom print
Signed (back) limited edition 2/5
Other sizes available