David Bowie, Paddington Green #3, 1969 by Alec Byrne


In the fall of 1969, Alec met Bowie for a shoot after Alec heard “Space Oddity” on his car radio and was intrigued. "I was expecting him to be some kind of withdrawn, arty guy, but David was warm and easy to be with that day. We were both south London boys and we clicked right away. His star was rising, but he didn’t arrive with an entourage of publicists, makeup artists, and hangers-on the way an artist would today. When we met at the park gates he was on his own. I didn’t rush into taking pictures right away. I’d been a rock photographer in London since the age of seventeen, and in those three years I’d learned how important it was to put people at their ease before the camera came out. So we walked and talked.” Alec originally thought this session had taken place at Beckenham Place Park, near Bowie’s apartment, but, thanks to Google street view, it was recently discovered the location was actually Paddington Green. The shed Bowie is leaning against is still there.

Silver gelatin darkroom print produced for Alec’s London book launch
Signed (front) limited edition 1/15
Other sizes available