BLUESTONE SUNSHIELDS - Photochromatic Lens


New Ron Robinson Launch Exclusive - The Bluestone Photochromatic Lens changes from clear when you are inside to dark when you move outside.  Gives both protection from UV rays and air droplets. 


Bluestone and RON ROBINSON are proud to roll out our first ever Face Shield with PHOTOCROMATIC  lens, now a fashion accessory as well. Designed with style and comfort in mind the Bluestone Shield has quickly become a favorite of the health and service industry and very important as a safety shield for all. 

Use it at work, home and as an added social distancing protection.  Protects from air droplets, its added color darkening quality in sunshine provides added light diffusion. Inside or out it has UV protection.  The quality of components and craftsmanship in the Bluestone Sunshield is far beyond others.

  • Gender Neutral design and use
  • One Size
  • Sanitize with alcohol and use Bluestone lens cleaner to remove streaks. 
  • Anti-fog lens
  • UV Protection
  • Photochromatic – darkens in sun, clear inside