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  • TOBALI - Smoke Flower Eau de Parfum - 50ml

TOBALI - Smoke Flower Eau de Parfum - 50ml


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Product Details

The mellow seductiveness of brilliantly colored flowers is gently enveloped and fused with the tobacco smoke of smoldering intellect, while the deeply spreading turmeric (ukon) and medicinal plants further bring out the latent, holy fragrance that lies deep inside. A fragrance like sweet and rich honey.

Main Note: Japonism Powdery Floral
Top: Baie Rose, Cardamom, Ukon, Clove, Tobacco
Midle: Incense, Lily of the Valley, Kanzo
Last: Amber, Oud/Jinko, Cashmere Wood
Base:  Hidden Japonism 834
Made in Japan