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  • SOUNDWALL x HENRY DILTZ - Dog in a Car on Hollywood Freeway, 1978

SOUNDWALL x HENRY DILTZ - Dog in a Car on Hollywood Freeway, 1978


Free ground Shipping on orders above $75!

Product Details

This is a Soundwall NOVA

NOVA is an enhanced Soundwall experience not only with WiFi music streaming but includes touch activated controls to play, LED backlight for ambiance and presence sensing.

Photograph on aluminum, 36” x 48”

Limited Edition 1 of 1


Art Made & Content: Art story and song selection from the artist


About the Artist:


In the world of rock n’ roll photographers, there are none as extraordinary as Henry Diltz. A founding member of the Modern Folk Quartet, Diltz is as much at home as a musician on tour, as he is a visual historian of the last four decades of popular music. The rapport he’s developed with his musician friends, along with his down-to-earth-grin and frequent laugh, enables him to capture the candid shots that convey a rare feeling of trust and intimacy with his subjects.

For this special series of Soundwalls, a portion of which benefits animal charity, Henry has selected these images from his animals and environments collection and included comments and song selections that round out the audio + art experience.

Additional Information

About Soundwall:
Soundwall is a connected canvas that blends art, music and wireless technologies to create a multi-dimensional artwork. Each Soundwall also can be used as an exceptional sounding wireless speaker capable of streaming directly from any service on any device.

Aluminum Panel: Soundwall is a unique combination of technology and large-format artwork. The sleek, modern aluminum surface has been optimized for sound reproduction, and elegantly floats 2 inches away from your wall. The photograph is printed directly onto the aluminum using dye sublimation, a process which results in a crisp, precise image.

Sound quality: Soundwalls create sound using Distributed Mode Loading (DML) technology. The entire surface of the artwork resonates generating a very clear, articulate and natural sound. Unlike traditional cone speaker technology, Soundwall fills the room offering a live-event-like experience.

Wi-Fi Streaming: Soundwall connects to your WiFi network so you can stream any audio service using AirPlay, including Apple Music, Spotify, the BBC App, and podcasts. Soundwall also supports other streaming protocols - more information is available on the Soundwall website.

Automatic Updates: Just like your smartphone, the Soundwall software improves over time, automatically updating your Soundwall with new capabilities.