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  • SARAH HOROWITZ PARFUMS - The Now - 1.7oz



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Product Details

Perfume Extrait  - The Highest Concentration Of Aromatic Compounds In Wearable Fragrance


Clean.  Crisp.  Easy.

Notes: White tea, fresh cut grass, fig,  neroli, white amber and oceanic musk.

Now, with the world going mad and the division and confusion abounding, Sarah wanted a fragrance as fresh as the world after a cleansing rain, or a solitary walk in a field of grass and a cool breeze caressing  your warm skin.  It is the scent of the present moment where anything is possible, where your dreams can take lift, where your action can produce result.  It is only in THE NOW that we can truly live, truly experience anything at all. This uncomplicated fragrance will be the canvas for the anything you want to create.

Additional Information

The SHP EVOLUTION Collection, will be bringing you back in time - and to this present moment.  Sarah as an artist, and SHP as a company have lived many lives since this fragranced journey began over 25 years ago.  With SHP EVOLUTION, they wanted to tell those stories - the highest rendition of packaging that Sarah has ever been able to bring you, the fragrant stories she wants to share - starting with THEN (ORIGIN STORY), and THE NOW.