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Retrouve - Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer

More than just a brand, Retrouv? is part of a legacy. This exclusive collection of prestigious unisex skincare products was initially developed by beauty visionar Jami Morse Heidegger and husband, Klaus Heidegger, for their own personal use. The line wields new technologies and high-octane active ingredients in superior concentrations and unprecedented textures to set a new standard in luxury skincare.

A moisture-replenising hydrator for the skin, and the line's pi?ce de r?sistance, this revitalizing overnight treatment is packed with a powerful proprietary blend of vitamin-based activies and effective restorative ingredients that mimic the skin's natural moisturizing properties, locking moisture within the skin while enabling it to breathe.

Tailored to mature or dry skin and imbued with stem-cell rejuvenating properties, this luxurious gel is formulated to moisturize, nourish and plump skin when natural hydration levels and firmness have diminished. Oil-based ingredients and humectants refortify the skin's natural hydrating layer, leaving skin rejuvenated and radiant.

Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Squalane, Pomegranate, Apple Stem Cells, White Tea, Coenzyme Q10, Palmitoul Oligopeptide, Laminaria Extract, Padina Pavonica, Superoxide Dismutase.

Usage: Apply as needed to the face and neck on cleansed skin, while avoiding the eye are. Use as an overnight treatment or as an intense day moisturizer for very parched skin.


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