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  • Petite N Pretty - 9021-GLOW! Cheek & Highlighter Duo

Petite N Pretty - 9021-GLOW! Cheek & Highlighter Duo

$7.20 $18.00

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Product Details

A pediatrician- and dermatologist-approved 9021-GLOW! Cheek & Highlighter Duo to glow into the school year. Age-appropriate, velvety shades of shimmering highlighter and sun-kissed bronzer pair up in a compact duo for light-catching looks all year long.

Additional Information

Use it like this:
Blend Beachside Bronze onto cheeks, then follow with a sweep of Sandbar Shimmer on the high points of the face that naturally catch the light.

This is what’s in it:
Multidimentional Pearls
These babies are responsible for its mega-wow sparkle and light-catching luminosity.

Finely Milled Mica
The finer the mill, the smoother and more even the sheer payoff.

Custom Oil Blend
A liquid binder helps create the silky feel and transparent base that lets those pearls really shine.