This model shown has been replaced by the newer canvas model, it works similarly with sleeker profile in the unit.


While traveling in Tokyo, Japan I always look for innovative items. That’s where I first saw the Cotodama Lyric Speaker. It is a pure, simple, elegant design, that happens to be a very fine quality sound system with sleek matt finish visual screen. The songs you choose to send it, (from any source via wifi) sound beautiful, but the truly eye popping thing is when the lyrics appear on the screen- in various graphic artwork styles, engineered to match the beat of the songs! I found that there is an algorithm built in that changes the graphics to the beat of the music. We launched it in Los Angeles and if you want something that is truly a functional art piece with high quality sound, this is it. Further, it provides the lyric of songs in multiple languages of the singers; Japanese, Spanish, English, Italian are ones I have tried. Finally something to help me see and sing the real lyrics to my favorite songs, I always thought I had them right, what a surprise! Enjoy !

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