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  • NASOMATTO - Nudiflorum Extrait de Parfum - 30 ml

NASOMATTO - Nudiflorum Extrait de Parfum - 30 ml


Free ground Shipping on orders above $50!

Product Details

Motivated by everything nude, the packaging is a message on its own and an invitation to try. The cap of a Nudiforum bottle is made out of padauk wood. As with all other Nasomatto fragrances – the whole packaging is made in Italy.

The fragrance that invites you to undergo the unexpected tranquility of giving up oneself without concern for a boundary, and to sense the hazy intuition of a depth that undoes distance. Nudiforum is an olfactory intimacy. It is an interpretation of a feeling of being touched. A slender touch of a bare skin that penetrates through the surface and becomes a part of you.

Natural, primitive and sensual – this cross-breed of naked fur fowers creates a feeling of a delicate collision of a skin on skin. It's a result of a quest to find a vanishing point in nature, the translucence of our senses, nude desire.