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  • IMPOSSIBLE - Polaroid 600 Round Camera - Blue

IMPOSSIBLE - Polaroid 600 Round Camera - Blue


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Product Details

The Polaroid 600 Round is the ideal choice for beginners to analog instant photography. Fun and easy-to-use, this type of 600 has an updated rounded body introduced from 1998 onwards ? but it still functions the same as earlier, boxy models. Comes with either standard fixed-focus lens and sliding close-up adaptor or electronic automatic focus. Automatic flash also included, making it perfect for spontaneous photos inside or out. Also comes with flash override and exposure correction slider, and all Impossible refurbished cameras come with an Impossible frog tongue to protect your photos as they exit the camera. Refurbished at our workshops in Enschede, the Netherlands, or Brooklyn, USA. Comes with a one year warranty.

Uses film for Polaroid 600-Type Cameras