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OLIVIA STEELE - Conceptual Confessions


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CONCEPTUAL CONFESSIONS contains over 160 satin pages celebrating 10 years of carefully curated artworks and installations which shed light on the world and philosophy of Olivia Steele.

The beauty of this book is that it’s a work of art in itself, featuring a high quality embossed linen cover complete with a hypnotic lenticular print of her signature “Third Eye Activation Portal,” Installation. Limited to 500 editions, Conceptual Confessions is an affordable way to own your own Steele!

22cm x 28.5cm | 168 pages


Additional Information

Olivia is native of Nashville, Tennessee and currently resides in between Berlin and Mexico City.  Born in 1985 to a country music singer and a businessman, she grew up surrounded by nature between rolling hills of Tennessee and Tuscany. After completing her high school studies in Switzerland, she graduated University in Paris with a degree in Visual Communications and minor Psychology.  It was after pursuing a Masters degree in lighting design that she found her calling as a multi-disciplinary creative.

Olivia Steele Artist Neon
“I was born an artist, creating little somethings from a lot of nothings since my early days in the sandbox. I always excelled in the arts but never considered it to be a career path until finishing University and being uninspired by the mundane career options. It wasn't until my first journey to Burning Man, that I experienced a total shift in perspective that ignited a solid vision for my potential. This paved the way to finding my purpose which started with co-founding Pret A Diner, a nomadic and innovative dining experience in the form of Pop-Up Restaurants with Michelin star chefs in surreal locations, complete with an art gallery and shop."

 The PAD concept united contemporary art, haute cuisine and live music into an interactive experience for the senses in very unusual locations across Europe. Known for her original and contrasting concepts, Steele designed 14 restaurants and numerous temporary environments which contradict the ordinary - hence her motto “expect the unexpected.” Influenced by her roots and inspired by tradition after living in 7 countries, she developed an eclectic style and unique touch. Her southern roots mixed with a European palette fuse together to transform spaces and create experiences synonymous with true southern hospitality with a distinct flare.

Since Pret A Diner, she has dedicated her life to her art and expansion of consciousness. Olivia is now a internationally recognized conceptual light artist specializing in neon glass and text based art. Her work has been exhibited throughout USA, Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa.  Recent years have seen her branch out into film, public interventions, fashion and product design. Olivia has her own line of merchandise under the Steele the Show brand which includes hand stamped jewelry, scarves, towels, blankets, books, hand bags and other curious creations.