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  • GROWN ALCHEMIST - Strengthening Shampoo

GROWN ALCHEMIST - Strengthening Shampoo

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Product Details

A potent formulation that thoroughly cleanses, while repairing hair weakened by chemical processes, heat styling and environmental exposure; leaves hair looking healthy, hydrated, soft and shiny.


Additional Information

Active Ingredients:

Hydrolyzed Bao-Bab Protein supports the protein matrix noticeably maintaining strength and increasing hair resistance to chemical, UV and heat stress while protecting the hair from further damage. Eclipta Alba Flavonoids visibly activate hair follicles, supporting growth and strengthening the hair, increasing its resistance to stretching and its capacity to resist fracturing when styling. Calendula rich in Flavonoids reduce aging signs by nourishing and conditioning the hair and scalp, accelerating hair growth, strength and damage recovery. Avala Oil extract Fatty Acids condition the scalp noticeably strengthening hair roots preventing hair loss. Plant-derived Liposomes bond actives to the outer layer of the hair shaft, the cuticle and penetrate into the cortex optimizing the delivery of actives, ensuring healthier resilient hair.