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  • COQUI COQUI - Coco Coco Diffuser - 375ml

COQUI COQUI - Coco Coco Diffuser - 375ml


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Product Details

Discover the soft and sensual side of coconut. Like a warm coastal breeze, Coco Coco carries the true scent of the coconut tree- neither fake and sweet nor overly powdered, but rather delicately mouthwatering, lightly green and exquisitely natural.

The Coco Coco Room diffuser features Coqui Coqui's signature scent of fresh, green coconut and woods. The classic and elegant design encapsulate the Coqui Coqui lifestyle, based on simple luxury and an adventurous spirit.

Coco Coco Room Diffuser Notes

Coconut, green notes

Size: 12.7 oz.