DR. SEBAGH - Supreme Day Cream - 50ml


  • Supreme Day Cream takes daily protection against environmental damage to a new level. This pioneering, “Ageing-Maintenance” moisturiser helps to shield skin against High Energy Visible light (HEV/daylight), also emitted by laptops, tablets, mobile phones and LED lights and more. High Energy Visible light can be as damaging as the effects of UVA and UVB light combined.
  • This triple-protecting, luxurious cream also contains a powerful blend of antioxidants to help defend skin against free radical damage and provides anti-pollution benefits.
  • In addition, essential moisture is restored and water loss prevented, while a “tense and lift” complex and light-reflecting pigments provide an instant tightening effect and leave skin glowing.

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  • RESVERATROL: the “Youth Molecule” found to have a visible effect on wrinkles, whilst providing powerfully effective antioxidant benefits.
  • DATE PALM KERNEL EXTRACT: with triple antioxidant benefits help the skin to defend itself against free radical attack.
  • DIGLUCOSYL GALLIC ACID: a breakthrough derivative of gallic acid, a powerful anti- oxidant, which is only activated when applied to the skin.
  • FRACTIONATED MELANIN COMPOUND: Designed to protect the skin from damaging High Energy Visible Light (HEV/daylight). This fractionated melanin compound is formulated to shield the skin from High Blue/Violet visible light.
  • BIO SACCHARINE GUM-4: provides an active, protective film on the skin to help limit the effects of external aggressors such as UV rays, pollution, heavy metals and intensive use of surfactants in household and hygiene products.
  • Restore:
  • SAFFLOWER OIL: protects skin barrier integrity. Its ceramide lipids help to restructure cell layers in the epidermis.
  • SESAME SEED OIL: the high content of essential fatty acids maintains the integrity of skin’s barrier, whilst the presence of natural Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant, naturally protects against oxidisation.
  • ROSA CANINA OIL: rich in fatty acids to restore the integrity and function of the skin’s barrier.
  • Hydration
  • HYALURONIC ACID & RHIZOBIAN GUM: help to form a silky film on the surface of the skin, delivering moisture to the epidermis through their ability to retain moisture like a sponge.
  • A NATURAL FRUIT COMPLEX: combining watermelon, lentil and apple, which acts as a delivery system to maintain moisture levels.
  • Lift and Glow
  • A “tense and lift” complex forms a tightening film on the skin and helps to blur imperfections and fine lines.
  • White pearlescent pigments illuminate the skin for an instantly glowing complexion.

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