Retrouve - Quartet Box Set


Retrouve Quartet
Discover and experience the complete range of moisturizers within Retrouve's luxury skincare line with this limited edition box set.
The Quartet is ideal for women and men who are concerned about or experiencing visible signs of aging and desire an optimally hydrated, more radiant complexion.
All products inlcuded in the Quartet are infused with anti-aging ingredients scientifically identified for their preventive, nourishing and restorative properties. The synergistic effects of these ingredients and their ability to penetrate deeply into the skin strengthen their effectiveness, thereby creating the mastery of Retrouve.
Quartet contains:
Intensive Replenishing Facial Moisturizer, 15 mL.
Dynamic Nourishing Face Cream, 15 mL.
Nutrient Face Serum, 15 mL.
Revitalizing Eye Concentrate, 15 mL.