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About Us

In 1978, Ron Robinson, Inc. opened its doors on Melrose Avenue, and has grown exponentially ever since. His stores have continually changed the face of shopping and fashion!

In the late 70's, Robinson started with a men's casual sportswear store grew to offer a variety of hard-to-find labels spanning from local L.A. designers to unique Japanese and international brands. Five years later he expanded with a beauty boutique that he named APOTHIA (a blend of the words "apothecary" and "utopia") and a children's store named LIFESIZE. Robinson's desire to cultivate a shopping experience with key lifestyle and design items - the fashion you live with - created StylObjects.

In 2000, Ron Robinson launched a signature fragrance, IF, for the APOTHIA store. The success of IF led Robinson to expand and create APOTHIA Los Angeles, a line of fine fragrances and award-winning interior aromatics. Today APOTHIA Los Angeles has spread worldwide, continuing to build a global brand of world-class items based on Ron Robinson's tradition of quality and style.

Ron Robinson is a Los Angeles shopping experience; a destination in and of itself, a cultural icon - not many stores can say they've been mentioned in rock songs! The new webtique will provide the same product and design to customers nationally and internationally.

"I see fashion as a form of communication and expression - it is in many respects the ultimate personal point of view. For me, being a retailer means giving people the tools to show who they are, which is incredibly exciting. I want to bring the elite of fashion to a dynamic, organic environment; I want to curate cool, in a manner of speaking. More than anything, I love the history and loyalty that we experience with our shoppers who continue to turn to us, for what's chic and sharp!"

Ron Robinson
President & Founder
Ron Robinson, Inc.